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Consignors 101

Restocking Consignor Registration is now open for our Fall 2015 Sale!

Restocking Consignors restock our shelves after the Pre-Sale shopping and before we open to the Public. This works well for both Restocking Consignors and Shoppers as many items are sold in the Pre-Sale opening up room for merchandise on our sales floor.

Why Register as a Restocking Consignor?

You get the same great benefits as being a classic Consignor and more!

  • You earn 65% of the selling price of your items.
  • You shop at the Consignor Pre-Sale.
  • You pick up your check the same day.
  • You have two extra days to tag your items.
  • You are automatically added to our Consignor Waiting List: if a Consignor un-registers, you will be upgraded to a Consignor with an earlier Drop Off time.

Registration is done on a first come first serve basis. We charge an $8 Restocking Consignor registration fee (payable through Paypal during the registration process).  This fee is non-refundable.

Registration Checklist:

  • Register as a Restocking Consignor.
  • Pay paypal fee.
  • Schedule Drop Off appointment. Remember your Drop Off is two days after classic Consignors.


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